Here are some things you might notice if you visit Living Water Church on a Sunday morning...
  • We highly value the authority of God's Word. You'll experience this in the preaching--which is typically done verse-by-verse through a book of the Bible--and also in our singing, reciting and praying together.

  • We invite participation. We don't view Sunday as a passive experience for the congregation, but rather encourage all to engage in singing, sharing, giving, ministering to others and active listening.

  • We're not perfect, but we're real. We genuinely pursue authentic relationships with one another that go beyond the masks we often wear. This also means we don't dress to impress others; most of us come in casual clothing.

  • We are family. What happens during the informal part of our gathering (before & after) is just as important to us as what happens during the formal part of our gathering.

  • We like that we're a family made up of lots of differences--older and younger, single and married, home school and public school, Barbour County natives and "outsiders", etc. Our unity is found in Christ and His gospel.

  • We purpose to encourage inter-generational impact. Children 5 & up participate in the entire service with their families. A nursery is provided for infants through 4 year-olds during the preaching portion of the service.

  • We expect and encourage spiritual growth in everyone, whether you are just learning about Jesus for the first time or have been walking with Him for years. We call it "steps to the right". It's what we're made for.