March 25, 2020 Wade McGee

Chariots & Horses

Chariots & Horses

I was recently reviewing verses I had memorized several years ago, and I found them applicable to our current situation.  

As an aside, I use Bible Memory (formerly called Scripture Typer) not for memorizing itself but for keeping track of what I have memorized and helping me to continually review it.  If you are not using a tool like this, or the Fighter Verses app, I would strongly encourage you to start the discipline. It really does all the administrative work for you; all you have to do is review your verses.

Anyway, back to my story.  The verses are from Psalm 20.  Verses 6-8 read:

Now I know that the LORD saves his anointed;

he will answer him from his holy heaven

with the saving might of his right hand.

Some trust in chariots and some in horses,

but we trust in the name of the LORD our God.

They collapse and fall,

but we rise and stand upright.

This led me to think about what are the “chariots” and “horses” in which we trust today?  In the time of the Psalmist, this would have represented safety and security. Chariots were the dominant weapon of warfare at the time and he who has the most horses wins!  But the Psalmist makes the observation that they collapse and fall. And they do. Therefore, the Psalmist has placed his trust in the “name of the Lord our God” and he stands upright.

What are some of our “chariots” and “horses” that COVID-19 has caused to collapse and fall?  I think this is worth considering at this time. Some are painfully obvious and some may be more hidden.

  • Finances, retirement savings, etc.  The market is a mess and may not recover for quite some time.  I heard a recent story of a guy who had planned to retire recently but in light of our current situation, he could not do it financially due to the market disruptions.  Many are facing lay-offs and reduction in hours and therefore loss of income. Even if neither of these has affected you, can you buy your way out of infection? Of course not!  A virus is no respecter of net worth.
  • Government or military protection. We live in a great country and we have great men and women who are willing to serve and to give their lives if needed for our safety and protection.  For this I am grateful. However, our defenses are no defense against an unseen virus. Our chariots and horses cannot stop the infiltration of the coronavirus.  We like to think we live in perfect safety at all times and we are never threatened. I think this has proven otherwise.
  • Advanced medical skill and technology. As stated concerning our military, we have wonderful people working in medicine and research, and we benefit greatly from them.  But the fact is, this virus has shown that we have not tamed this fallen creation.  There are things we cannot stop and cannot control, even with our advanced techniques and technology.
  • Physical fitness and diet. Speaking of health, how many of us have thought that if we eat right and get the proper exercise we are no longer vulnerable?  We can begin to place confidence in our physical condition or even our youth. Both of these have proved to “collapse and fall down” as professional athletes and twentysomethings are contracting the illness.

I’m sure we could add others, couldn’t we?  Maybe it is time for the Christ-follower to follow the lead of the Psalmist and evaluate where we place our trust.  How can we do this? Here are a couple of thoughts I have had, feel free to add yours below as well.  

In order to determine where your trust is placed, fill in the blank: “If I lost ____________, then I would be devastated!”  What is it that you think you simply cannot live without? That may be your “chariots and horses.”

What do you value more, physical life or spiritual life?  You can determine this by looking at the time and effort you give each of them.  Are all of your efforts on the physical and temporal needs, protection, and satisfaction for you and those you love?  Or, do you give time and effort to your soul and the souls of those you love?  

Our “chariots and horses” in which we place trust will “collapse and fall down” brothers and sisters.  I would exhort you to take this time of quarantine as an opportunity from the Lord to evaluate where your trust is placed.