October 25, 2019 Ben Payne

Pray for RAIN

Pray for RAIN

As the Lord continues to make opportunity for Christians in the United States to reach the nations in their own backyard, the Alliance is seeking to create a network to reach out to them. This network, RAIN, is seeking how to welcome, build relationships, and share the gospel with those from other nations who make the U.S. their home.

RAIN stands for Refugee and Immigrant Network. Their are areas that are already reaching out to refugees and immigrants in their local area and they are creating opportunities for others to join them in what they are doing. The garden that Betty and I have been working with through our CMA connections in Columbus is going to be one of the sites offering mission trips. Not only will mission trips through RAIN give opportunity to help be hands and feet, but they will be providing education on how to reach out with the gospel to individuals from other nations.

To find out more go to https://www.rainalliance.org/vision/ or talk with Ben and Betty Payne who would love to talk to you more about the initiative. Continue to pray for RAIN and the opportunities to share the gospel with international individuals that are in our own communities.

*Remember even AB University gives 4 academic years of opportunity to pour into international students that we have opportunity to sew seeds with and to be an example for. This doesn't mean we sit back and wait for them to cross our paths. It means we take initiative to see how we might make it a point to cross theirs. As we begin to take steps of faith, cultivating new ground with an intent to plant seeds that we pray produces multiplying crops...don't forget to pray for RAIN.